At GFTDMNDZ, we are making all of our items made to order. Please give us 1-2 weeks to make and ship your purchase. GFTDMNDZ works diligently to make each team stand out. All items that are produced, are made to order to meet your specific purchase. By agreeing to this Made To Order, the signatory to this agreement (“Buyer”) consents to the following Terms and Conditions and agrees that such Terms and Conditions govern the transaction between Buyer and GFTDMNDZ:

 Made to order, by definition, is “specifically made according to a customer's specifications.” But those specifications are usually predetermined. 

1. Acknowledgments, Authorization and Payment – Buyer has reviewed the GFTDMNDZ Sizing Charts and Material Guide to confirm the correct sizes for its order. Buyer acknowledges that the item is a made to order item. By indicating acceptance of the made to order and making payment via GFTDMNDZ’s online ordering tool, Buyer authorizes GFTDMNDZ to begin production on the made to order item(s) and to charge Buyer’s credit/debit card in the amount reflected on the item. Following such charge, no changes may be made to an order. GFTDMNDZ is not responsible for any errors in the final product caused by information provided by Buyer (including sizes, colors, item).

2. Returns and Refund Policy – Because GFTDMNDZ’s products are made to order, GFTDMNDZ does not accept returns, and no refunds are available. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if within 30 days of Buyer’s receipt of made to order apparel, Buyer discovers material defects in stitching, materials, etc it may submit an inquiry to GFTDMNDZ for verification; if GFTDMNDZ’s Quality Control team determines in its sole discretion that an item is indeed defective, GFTDMNDZ will offer an equitable resolution of the matter to Buyer.

3. Legal - We are a legal registered brand and do not tolerate any type of reproduced style of our brand. Any form of copy of design, use of logo, use of the GFTDMNDZ name or name close to ours, etc. of any of our items could be subject to legal terms